Updating satellite orbit data suunto

These can be customized a fair bit more in the settings, should you have the desire to.

I would say that I’d love to have a bit more control/options when it comes to the scenic modes.

In some ways that’s a super-complex question, yet in other ways it’s honestly pretty straight forward.(Oh, before I go on, note that I’m not including either the Spark or Phantom in this specific comparison.

I’m ignoring the Phantom since it doesn’t fold up, and is kinda a pain in the ass to carry in most endurance sports considerations.

Over the past weekend I got to test out a near-production unit out in the French Alps, putting it through its paces.

This isn’t a review, since the unit won’t start shipping until August or so (which is basically this afternoon by Kickstarter standards), but an initial look at the technology.

And I’m somewhat ignoring the Spark because it doesn’t really match the quality of the Airdog. I’ve included the tech specs down below, for those that want to compare.

But that said, you can actually substitute the Active Track functions of the Mavic for the Spark, but it does NOT have remote control follow-me mode like the Mavic does. But in many ways that actually doesn’t tell the story too well.

The DJI options are also better if you want to go further than the 150m or so that the Airdog can fly within range.

I’ll circle back in August or September with a deeper dive into the product as part of a review…once they start shipping.

If you just want a simple video (including footage), that explains it all – here ya go: As you can see – most important is that the gimbal stabilization looks pretty darn good.

Meaning that it’s still 100% a sports-action drone, but they’ve added other functions to allow you to get more general/establishing/scenic shots that aren’t necessarily focused on you.

This is critical for putting together a good video edit that doesn’t quickly get boring.

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